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Janice Beckles is a multi-faceted business consultant from Kent with a mission to help people live after redundancy, and empower people to live fulfilling and purposeful lives through personal development. Personal development is an important part of business, because you cannot change your outer world without first changing and addressing your inner dimension.
Janice started her business in May 2004 after a series of workplace redundancies. The first redundancy shook her, but she got straight back up and found another suitable job. After the second redundancy, Janice decided that it was her destiny to be a business owner, so she set up her own consultancy business, B Consultancy LTD.
Working with the Best !


Monawara Ali

Tutor & ILM Centre Administrator

She has been working with start-up business owners for the over 10 years. Her areas of expertise are in Enterprise start up awareness.. Mona is a qualified NLP Coach and Trainer.

Michael Henry

Quality Consultant

A quality management specialist, with over 30 years experience supporting businesses and organisation in London. Michael enjoys supporting business owners to develop their ideas and ensure they have the right foundations for business success.

What our client’s say

In their own Words

“Janice has been a great help with starting my business, from the beginning stage, to now. She's helped me with; marketing, the business plan and if I need a loan, it was there, if needed. She's made it inevitable for me to get me where I am now, through her marketing strategy plans. She's just such a great help, that’s what I would say about Janice. If you need help regarding a certain matter if you ask Janice, she will give her honest opinion.”

Roger Marsh - Vibes Type Dyslexia support

“Janice has been supporting us through set up and implementation of our newest project, Nanna's teapot. Her attention to detail, foresight and wealth of knowledge are invaluable. We highly recommend her.”

Olive Williams - Nanna's teapot

“The experience of having Janice Beckles as a mentor has been an incredible journey. I had asked Janice about some advice on becoming part of a niche area, which just seemed so unreachable. Janice shared mentoring advice gems and pointers. This was empowering because not only did she share her portfolio of knowledge, it allowed me to carry out my own research and decision making.”

Kama Eastman - KA Solutions

“Janice's integrity and positive attitude makes you want to win, because she want that for you too. She has been a beacon for Personal Development and the importance of it for personal growth in business. Her warmth, intelligence and approachability helped me to navigate through unknown business territories with confidence.”

Kama Eastman - KA Solutions

“If you can get to a workshop, I would highly recommend getting to one. You'll not only learn from experts in their respected fields, you can also network with like minded people. Janice is a fantastic host and makes everyone feel welcomed. The workshops are informative, fun and enriching.”

Kama Eastman - KA Solutions
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Our True Passion

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, grow & develop.

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