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LEEP Academy are socially responsible, enterprise and employability consultants we have been delivering high quality training, coaching and mentoring services to London based SMMEs for more than 12 years.

The Lead Consultant, Janice Beckles heads a team of associates who put their passion into projects working with partners delivering a range of Leadership, Enterprise, Employability and Personal Development programmes.

LEEP Academy are delivery Partners with proven track records delivering a range of funded programme in London and the home counties. Services include expert tailored advice to new enterprises, start-ups and business advice to potential entrepreneurs, pre-trade & early stage SMEs supporting growth & new jobs.

We welcome expressions of interest from individuals, training organisations, colleges, local authorities and public sector organisations.

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We exist to…

  • To equip, empower and educate aspiring business owners
  • Help shape and develop, skills, goals and aspirations of individuals seeking employment.
  • Nurture and develop leaders
  • Commitment to Learning and development

“Excellence & Endeavour in Enterprise & Entrepreneurship”

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple LEEP Academy was set up to inspire, motivate and educate aspiring leaders and business owners. We equip our clients with resources, skills and knowledge to move forward in business and life.

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What They’re Saying

“Janice has been a great help with starting my business, from the beginning stage, to now. She's helped me with; marketing, the business plan and if I need a loan, it was there, if needed. She's made it inevitable for me to get me where I am now, through her marketing strategy plans. She's just such a great help, that’s what I would say about Janice. If you need help regarding a certain matter if you ask Janice, she will give her honest opinion.”

Roger Marsh - Vibes Type Dyslexia support Honest Opinion

“Janice Beckles with Leep Academy truly understands a new setup and small business's needs, wants and frustrations and know exactly how to guide you step by step to achieve the desired goals for your business! Her networking events are epic! The events have a very unique way of getting people collaborating together to broaden the markets and target costumers, spurning growth...”

Victoria Akuagwu - Ziuzo Hair and Beauty Salon"Leep Academy truly understands a new setup and small business's needs"

“The experience of having Janice Beckles as a mentor has been an incredible journey. I had asked Janice about some advice on becoming part of a niche area, which just seemed so unreachable. Janice shared mentoring advice gems and pointers. This was empowering because not only did she share her portfolio of knowledge, it allowed me to carry out my own research and decision making.

Janice's integrity and positive attitude makes you want to win, because she want that for you too. She has been a beacon for Personal Development and the importance of it for personal growth in business. Her warmth, intelligence and approachability helped me to navigate through unknown business territories with confidence.

If you can get to a workshop, I would highly recommend getting to one. You'll not only learn from experts in their respected fields, you can also network with like minded people. Janice is a fantastic host and makes everyone feel welcomed. The workshops are informative, fun and enriching.

Kamaria Eastman - K A SolutionsHer warmth, intelligence and approachability helped me to navigate through unknown business territories with confidence

“Janice has been supporting us through set up and implementation of our newest project, Nanna's teapot. Her attention to detail, foresight and wealth of knowledge are invaluable. We highly recommend her.”

Olive Williams - Nanna's teapotHer attention to detail, foresight and wealth of knowledge are invaluable

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